Yoga Mama


There are currently no group classes running.


If you are interested in a private pregnancy yoga session please get in touch.




£60 per 90 minutes

Private class can be arranged for 2/3/4 students for the price of £60.



Available appointments:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Evenings

Saturdays & Sundays




Program specifically designed for women during pregnancy.


We will learn yoga poses and breathing techniques which help to feel at ease with the changing body and deal with the developing emotions; we will build the awareness of the body, mindfulness, and improve abilities to relax that prepare for the special day as well as the motherhood.

  • Pregnancy yoga practice is tailored to help you deal with psychological and physical changes occurring during maternity.
  • Yoga will allow you to feel more with ease with yourself and feel a better connection with you changing body and your child.
  • Combination of yoga poses and breathing techniques that will allow you to ease physical discomfort (lower back pain, stiffness, aching, balance issues, etc.) and make you emotionally calmer and stronger