Consultations & Private Classes


Would you like to be taught yoga at a time that suits you and in your own home or other suitable location?

Private one-to-one classes are available that are aligned to your needs.


Individual classes are perfect for those who are not able to come to group classes, want to focus their practice on a particular problem (e.g. limited ability to move, anxiety, back pain), want to improve their sports performance or prefer to practice one – to – one with the teacher.



£50 per 90 minutes & discount for regular clients.

Please contact me to discuss the details.

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All asanas have its unique psychological and physical benefits. Yoga consultations are perfect for those who wish to practice on their own at home or work additionally on a specific area to overcome physical or psychological obstacles.

Yoga consultations is an offer of a personalised yoga program, consisting of a package of three 1.5 hours one-to-one sessions.

After the three one-to-one meetings

You will receive a personalised program tailored only for you and your specific area of interest.

You will know how to perform all asanas included in the program.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions about yoga practice, meditation, etc.


How does it look like?

The first meeting is there to get to know you and your unique needs, you will be asked lots of questions about your health, personality, habits, aspirations, and goals. All knowledge about yourself will be used in order to prepare personalized, unique practice plan.

On the second meeting, you will get to know your program, you will be presented all asanas and go through all the details of the positions to make sure you are performing them in a healthy and fully beneficial way for you.

The third meeting is there to rehearse the program, talk through your experiences in performing it on your own at home, make any adjustments as required.


What can we work on?

  • Reduce stress, dealing with difficult situations.

  • Lose weight, boost your metabolism.

  • Increase inner willpower and vitality.

  • Self-acceptance and inner strength.

  • Any physical issues like back pain, painful menstruation, headaches.



£100 per package

Please contact me to discuss the details.

Book online or get in touch to arrange an appointment.




Available appointments:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Evenings

Saturdays & Sundays