Tree of Life Yoga is based on traditional Hatha yoga teachings which have been passed on over hundreds of years by Tibetan Yogis. The traditional approach focuses on the union between body and mind, therefore during the classes, there will be an emphasis on engaging the mind and its attention towards the practice.


The practice will allow your brain to evolve, create new neurological connections and through it change your everyday life behaviors. Developing the physical strength of your body will give you more inner strength; you will get to know your body more and be able to control it, which will give you freedom over very often overwhelming emotional reactions.


In the traditional Hatha yoga practice Asanas are held substantially longer, this is to benefit from the positive effects on your body and mind as well as change the unwanted thought patterns of your mind and facilitate calmness, willpower and resilience.


Tree of Life Yoga classes are friendly, full of mindfulness and positive energy.











What Tree of Life Students think of Tree of Life Yoga?



 “I can't thank my Daughter enough for introducing me to Paulina, and yoga. Paulina is a wonderful calm, patient , professional teacher .... she puts you at ease, and is very encouraging and builds your confidence... she has taught me to be calm, confident and strong....I have never done yoga, I thought that I would not be able to do it but wanted to try .. with Paulina 's encouragement I am totally enjoying my new journey she has opened up an experience for me.... Yoga is rewarding in so many ways, Thank you Paulina. My tutor and now a friend..... “

Sandra (Private Classes)


“Paulina is one of those rare teachers who is truly grounded in the traditions of yoga.   I love her classes.  My energy has increased, I feel mentally focused, and it's satisfying to feel my flexibility improving as the months go by.  There's always time to breathe and let my body teach me how to relax into the asanas.  I even enjoy downward dog these days!”

Maura (Group Classes)



“Paulina, your yoga training has helped me regain core strength, balance and good posture following major surgery.  But I get so much more!  I get space to order my mind and regain perspective.  My job is tough but your class puts back to balance and I feel restored.  I’ve tried others but no-one else comes close.  I highly recommend your classes whether people are new or experienced.  Thank you very much.  I am a devotee!”

Lorna (Group Classes)


“I have been coming to Yoga classes since December 2016.The classes are of mixed ability and ages and our teacher Paulina ensures that everyone is catered for in class. It is amazing how quickly you become subtle when practicing  Hatha yoga, I’m almost 60 and can keep up with most of the exercises, our teacher always shows modified poses if you are struggling. The thing I most love is the relaxing 10 mins at the end of class when you float off and clear your mind and this sends you off to sleep really easily when you return home. If you really want a full mind and body exercise class.I would recommend this one it's brilliant.”

Jean (Private & Group Classes)



I found Paulina's pregnancy yoga class very beneficial for my physical and mental health. I always felt very relaxed after the class and the stretching helped not only with my back pains but also put me in a better mood. Paulina always made sure we had a little baby chat at the beginning of each class, which created a friendly atmosphere. She really has a great knowledge of what's safe when practicing yoga while pregnant, which made me feel at ease to be 'in her hands'.

Sylwia (Pregnancy Group Classes)​